Jaesen Sumner, Partner

Jaesen has practiced in dispute resolution, regulatory enforcement and employment law since 1997 and medico-legal, insolvency and recovery law since 2000.

Jaesen has extensive experience in medico-legal matters, employment contracts, commercial and environmental litigation, and local authority regulation as a prosecutor.

Commercial insolvency and creditor remedies also comprise a significant part of Jaesen's work; having developed experience and expertise in those areas over a number of years.

In the employment area, Jaesen provides advice on a wide range of matters including, restraints of trade, health & safety legislation, the Holidays Act, disciplinary action, restructuring and redundancies, dismissals and performance management issues up to chief executive level.

Jaesen also represents corporate and individual clients in resolving significant disputes.  His expertise encompasses a wide range of forae from mediation to High Court and Court of Appeal hearings.

Jaesen´s litigation practice also covers local government, including Building Act related matters.

Representative examples of areas Jaesen is experienced in include:

  • Medico-legal Reviews and Appeals
  • Defending challenges to regulatory decisions in environmental and construction matters
  • Security and debt realisations and recoveries including voidable preference issues and director claims 
  • Disputes arising out of warranty issues in mergers and acquisitions
  • Leasing disputes
  • Medical appeals involving administrative decisions
  • Lead prosecutor for building and specialised environmental matters

Jaesen is also an active member of the New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute and the New Zealand Insolvency Special Interest Group.

Outside work, Jaesen is also a keen follower of rugby, the Chairman of Old Boys University RFC in Wellington, and also a keen swimmer who hits the ocean each summer to compete in the Ocean Swim Series.